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What’s Your Sign?

Posted in Interest by thisisanexperiment on January 22, 2009

My Horoscope Forecast:

In 2008 you put yourself squarely on the map. With firm footing (or at least a definitive direction) in your career of choice, you can now seek the people with whom you’ll rule the world. 2009 starts off on a fabulously social note for go-getting Rams. Jupiter moves into your eleventh sector on 5 January, encouraging you to go about collecting kindred spirits wherever you go. As an Aries you usually prefer to go solo, but this year you’d much rather be a team player. Friends and friends of friends are your touchstones this month. There is still an intense emphasis on career breakthroughs, especially with Mars in Capricorn until early February. January is probably your most ambitious month of the year, because by February you’ll be so wrapped up in romantic pursuits that you’ll forget your boss’ name. One caveat: Mercury goes retrograde on the 11th. Computer crashes, cell phone loss (or breakage), missed flights, achingly slow trains and general chaos are all par for the course until the end of the month. Your luck might come in the form of an old colleague who reappears out of the blue to take your current project to the next level. Just don’t rush anything; a slow and steady approach wins the day.

What’s Yours?

I don’t think horoscopes really turn out to be true anyway. But they sure are interesting to read. Maybe Life is just easier if you pretend that certain bad things or events are already meant to happen. Or sometimes, it gives you hope when you can pretend that “my horoscope says I’m gonna be lucky.”

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