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Dress to Impress

Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on February 1, 2009

I admit, I don’t know that many guys who are adventurous with their dailywear, and I see even less guys who wear well-tailored suits, look well put together, and have that somethingsomething about them going on.

Mayhap this will serve to inspire.

I love the pops of colour!

Grey and dignified.

On a different topic…A friend once told me what a friend of a friend of a…(you get the picture) said,”Kanye West is where fashion goes to die.” Or was it style?

What say you?

Personally, I can’t stand the man’s ego. He needs to sit down and stop throwing a bitchfit everytime he doesn’t win an award. But, I will (grudgingly) admit that I think he does look pretty good in that black suit.

Photos from: The Sartorialist, Refinery29Pipeline

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