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Awkward Years

Posted in Fashion, Life by thisisanexperiment on February 12, 2009

I always thought growing up with an ‘ugly’ phase (and all the terrible fashion faux pax and whatthehellwasithinking?!) was a requisite part of life. Sorta like a necessary stage to humble you. After all, how can you appreciate your present if you’ve never had a terrible past hanging over you. Or…if you still haven’t had your awkward phase yet, it might be possible that you’ll fulfil it later on in your life. Which I’d rather not.

In any case, I was never as Cool as these kids. Kids who dress themselves at that! When I was a kid, it was always Mother Knows Best, complete with those little frocks (with those little woveny-crotchety tops that itched) and black patent mary janes (okay, truth be said, I did like the ‘kok-kok’ sound that those made). Even when I did get to dress myself, I went through some questionable … choices.

Ah, but for these kids and their sartorial choices!






Taken from

1299tweenwebI cant remember where I got this from.

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