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Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on March 3, 2009

Getting up in the morning (or afternoon) and deciding what to wear (or how to incorporate colours in an outfit) can be a pain in the arse.



Potential Solution 1: Start with the colours of the rainbow…or what’s in your wardrobe.

Wear Palettes advocates this approach, with their updates on colour schemes (that surprisingly, or otherwise) work! So Stare off into the various colour palettes, think/look at your wardrobe, and get dressed!

Potential Solution 2: For the less mind-working inclined

If you’re of the lazier sort, and don’t want to think about what colours you have in your wardrobe. Imitation is the best form of flattery (or not).

Sites like chictopia,, wardrobe remix have daily massive outfit updates. Pick one that makes you go “ooh” and pick out the already-present pieces in your wardrobe to help you re-create those looks / vibe, and get more wear out of your clothes!

Even Fashion Blogs (see right side please) can be a good awesome place of inspiration! Find a fashion blogger whose style you dig, and get inspired!

Alternatively, get updated on the latest runway trends at or and start doing your own version of their Ready To Wear!

Street-style blogs also serve as good inspiration! So feel free to surf and ogle.

Potential Solution 3: Start with a Statement Piece

Pick a statement piece, e.g a bag, a pair of awesome heels/flats, a new top, a jacket, WHATEVER, and then revolve your other outfit picks around it!

Yesterday, I started building my outfit around my AA Sexuali Tank.

Today, my statement piece was THIS pair of KILLER peeptoe platform booties!




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