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Happy Friday!

Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on March 6, 2009


My Thursday was not a happy one, but maybe my Friday will be!

Especially if I can get my grubby hands on this pair of shoes! Just looking at it makes my heart beat faster!

With that, I am proud to present…LuckyToes!

Remember that time, when you were walking down the street, and this lady was wearing this totally awesome pair of shoes that you didn’t get a chance to ask “WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE, YOU LUCKY BITCH?”.

Yeah, that time. Based on that concept, MopShots and LuckyToes – websites that tell you where those women got those hot haircut/ shoes. Though the websites are both US-based, they’re still pretty good sources for Hairstyle and Shoes-spiration!

Click away!

P.S, I also want a haircut, and the ability to have Red Hair. Fierce.

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