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Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on March 10, 2009

I’ve been busy with schoolwork these two days, I need to Breathe!

And I also need to look at interesting pictures instead of staring into the Dark Abyss known as Excel Sheets.

Pictures like those of Junya Watanabe’s F/W 09 Collection that he sent down the Runways of Paris recently. An All-Black Collection, that still more than managed to capture the eye through the use of differently textured and lustre-d materials.

I have to say though… when I saw some of the pictures, I was kinda reminded of …

Missyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! & her wonder-poof-jacket!

That said, I really did like the Theatrics of the Collection- the Black-on-Black texturing and dramatic silhouettes (structured, draping, flowing, or otherwise),  and the use of the black&white make-up palette to play up to shadowing, made it a very cohesive and varied collection.

Also, I would like those black oxfords in a size 37 please and thank you.

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