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Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on April 14, 2009

Okay, so on a spontaneous-we-need-to-cheer-ourselves-up-this-shit-sucks moment, I embarked on a Harold and Kumar like roadtrip to Tampines where Uniqlo has chosen to reside.

After almost an hour of driving (okay part of it was traffic, part we got lost), we finally reached! And found it! (It’s on the Other Side of the MRT station, if you’re wondering, not on the Tampines Mall side and, there’s a queue to get in ): )

Now, I know many who have been and are…raving but to be quite honest. I (and my friendwhoshaltnotbenamed) found it slightly disappointing and underwhelming.

1. I guess we’re both not really slogan teeshirt kinda people, but in any case, there’s only a marginal positive difference between their slogan tees and say that of whatwecanalreadynormallygetaround Singapore

2. Somehow, polo tees don’t entice me, but I guess if you’re a polo tee sorta person, it miiiight be good for you.

3. Those bra-tops of theirs didn’t seem to be of particularly goodish quality, and the cut didn’t make me want to try. Meh.

4. On the plus side, their camisoles are quite affordable at $14.90, and comfortable. Though nothing to scream about.

5. Their potential plus side was actually their ‘formal’ wear for Ladies- shirts, blazers, pants, etc. Trying on their shirts however resulted in that potential being erased. I’m not crazy about the cut- even the small didn’t fit me well (and god knows, I’m not exactly skinny). Given the nature of the apparel, that would just end up looking sloppy. It didn’t come cheap either- $49.90 for a shirt. Sorry, but I’ll take my $49.90 to G2000 instead, where I get comparable quality and a better fit.

6. Their more fashionable ladies wear (tunics etc) were okay I suppose, but not wow. I saw a somewhat okayish (okay i’m lying, i thought it was ugly but some might find it….nice) jersey skirt going for 49.90. It was worth more like 20bucks to me, and that’s pushing it.  My point is, it’s a little pricy for what they’re offering, to be quite honest.

7. I actually found their guys section slightly more alluring- there seemed to be some nice sweaters and ANTI WRINKLE cotton shirts around, with a good selection of colours and stripes (we all know how that can be screwed up sometimes), and even some faded denim-wash-like shirt. They even sold boxers and socks, which I was tempted to get. Ha. I’m not too sure about the cut of their shirts though, so if anyone knows..

8. No Flannel Shirts. Disappointment, major.

Unless I’m going down to check out the guy’s stuff again or move somewhere nearer to Tampines, I don’t think Uniqlo is going to tempt me to make a Journey to the East anytime soon. I’m sorry, but I’d still rather save my dollars for American Apparel (yes, order’s gonna be here soon!! weeee meshdressmeshdress) and G2000. But that’s just me. And as someonewhoalsowent said, “Uniqlo, Uniqlosed”.

That said, I now think they have very good photographers.

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  1. Uniqlo said, on April 14, 2009 at 5:09 pm

    […] Original post by thisisanexperiment […]

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