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Internship Musings

Posted in Fashion, Life by thisisanexperiment on May 4, 2009

1. I am bummed that my workplace blocks ebuddy and meebo. And probably msn.

2. Good news- I can facebook. Bad news- my computer screen is huge. Also, I actually browse the net on a minimised screen cause I get intimidated by the big screen. It’s too big, especially after being used to a laptop.

3. Good news- my job scope involves me travelling out of the office. Bad news- I couldn’t leave the office today cause my boss was in a meeting all afternoon, and it would be rude of me to leave to go ahead scouting without informing her and without asking her for further details, no? *nervous*

4. Maybe tomorrow will be better. It better be, I realise I can’t asdlkjagh stand being in an office for so long. Cabin fever, or something. I’m not a leggy person, but even I have to stretch my legs. I hope for many out-of-office-things-to-do

5. Bad news- I’m like the erm (lemme think of a good analogy). Oh, I’m like. No wait, that’s not it. I’m like, my Jack Russell amongst a clan of cats, but sadder. That’s the best thing I thought of.

To cheer myself up, I must think of Blackmarket. Thursday. 11pm.

Blueprint 2009 featuring Blackmarket

Blackmarket celebrates creativity in all design manifestations.

We feel that the relevance of local designers should resonate not only domestically but also in the global market. In order for us to achieve the purpose is to make the designers leave a deep mark in the local market.

Featured designers include Elohim (Singapore), Nikicio (Singapore/Indonesia), Gian Romano (Singapore/Philippines), Stella Rissa (Indonesia) and Reckless Ericka (Singapore)

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