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Why do people do Personality Quizzes?

Posted in Life by thisisanexperiment on June 24, 2009

A. Bored and nothing to do.

B. Genuine interest in understanding oneself

C. Gives them an ego boost or something.

Well goshdarnit, I just did a facebook quiz on my perfect match.

so maybe there’s an option D: Try to find out random things about what their life should be/ have/ etcetc.

They are born between September 24th – October 23rd


People better watch out! A true enchantress, you have several tricks up your sleeve to cast them under your spell. You’re a regular player in the seduction game. Passionate and spirited, you fall in love in no time but you tire of it quickly. You need time to find the love of your life but when Cupid’s arrow hits you straight in the heart, you give your body and soul to some other the lucky soul. You only have eyes for them and do anything to make them happy… in the beginning at least! You’re not the kind of person who likes to receive orders and you make a point of demanding your independence. Overall, your love life doesn’t stick to any kind of routine and your partners sometimes struggle to understand you. When you team up with these you will make a most delicious duo, with the laid-back, luscious them completely contrary to the rough and tumble you.This twosome are so terrific for each other they’re bliss to behold. Assertive you will teach their your lover to stand up for themselves more and not act like doormats, so no one can stomp all over them. Togetherness can be terrific, everyone’s unique in some way or other. Here there is often a strong physical or emotional attraction between you both.

Raises brows. Skeptical BUT Eminem is born on October the 17th. We’re meant to be! Gleeful look.

You can try these on for size, they’re pretty entertaining.

Castle Quiz

Dream House

Robin Hood

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