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Posted in Interest by thisisanexperiment on June 30, 2009

Dmitry Lipkin (“The Riches”) and his wife, Colette Burson, are co- creators and co-executive producers of “Hung.” They’re onto something meaningful here, something rather profound, in the way the FX dramedy “The Riches” was profound when it wasn’t silly. It, too, was a lamentation on a fallen empire.

So where’s the beef?

The anatomical reference of the series title is just the catchy entree into a story of middle-age angst — divorce, dead-end job, an aging former jock in a time of closing opportunities for the have-nots.

Ray Drecker, played by Thomas Jane (“The Punisher”), was big man on campus — no pun — in high school, and the future looked bright. He married his high-school sweetheart (Anne Heche), played ball briefly for the Atlanta Braves and then, after an injury, returned to the Detroit suburbs to take a teaching job at his old high school and coach the basketball team.

Now he’s divorced, his ex-wife is married to a wealthy dermatologist, and he’s living in his parents’ rundown rambler on a lake. He’s battling for his kids, a pair of outside-the-norm Goth and geek teens, Sianoa Smit-McPhee (“As the Bell Rings”) as daughter Darby, and Charlie Saxton (“The Lovely Bones”) as son Damon.

When the house burns down, Ray is desperate.

Encouraged to catch the entrepreneurial spirit, he turns to his biggest asset. The fact is, Ray is well endowed.

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HAHAHAH. I’m intrigued.

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