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Pucci is not pirated Gucci

Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on July 7, 2009

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Emilio Pucci, the founding designer of Pucci (not pirated Gucci) lead a life that reads like an autobiography where you would just love to hate him because his life sounds so darn charmed (on paper)…Plus, it sounds like it would make a good bio-flick thingy. But you know that you can’t really hate him because he did create those damned beautiful prints and great colours!

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Pucci was born in 1914 to one of Florence’s oldest noble families, and would live and work in the Pucci Palace in Florence for much of his life. He was a keen sportsman, who swam, skied, fenced, played tennis and raced cars.[1] At the age of 17 he travelled to Lake Placid as part of the Italian team at the 1932 Winter Olympics,[1] but did not compete.[2]

After two years at the University of Milan,[1] he studied agriculture at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, where he became a member of the Demosthenian Literary Society.[3] In 1935 he won a skiing scholarship[citation needed] to Reed College in Oregon, received an MA in social science from Reed[1] in 1937, and was awarded his doctorate (laurea) in political science from the University of Florence the same year.

(that’s kinda academically insane.)

Born in 1914 to one of Florence’s oldest noble families, Emilio Pucci became a fashion phenomenon in the 1950’s. It all began when he created a streamlined ski outfit, photographed for Harper’s Bazaar and his trailblazing vision continues to reverberate today.

Emilio Pucci, in 1967, naturally embodied the post war, jet set glamour which captivated a new group of modern, active women. The Pucci family palace, in the heart of Florence became the ideal location for his young couture fashion house, where he set up his ateliers in the rooms on the ground floor of the palace, and restored the grand gallery, baroque ballroom and adjoining rooms to show his collections and received fascinated press and clients. Nowadays, the palace still holds the offices for the Emilio Pucci Headquarters.

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