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Ballet Under the Stars

Posted in Art by thisisanexperiment on July 17, 2009

I’ll be going for this tomorrow. Excited!

Renowned choreographer Edmund Stripe will be presenting his latest choreography – Piano Concerto in F Major (music composed by Dimitri Shoskatovitch), a 20-minute piece that features 7 female and 9 male dancers on stage in a fast-paced and exciting work. Audiences will probably find the music of the first movement of this choreography familiar as it was featured in the Disney movie, Fantasia 2000.

If you did not get enough of Jeffrey’s choreography at Impressions, you will be glad to know that among the two new works specially choreographed for Ballet Under The Stars (BUTS) this year, there is an as-yet-untitled work by SDT’s Resident Choreographer, Jeffrey Tan.

Stating his inspiration, Jeffrey indicates that he would be creating a new piece which might be peppered with some of his impressions and experiences when he was in Spain. Based on the lust for life that most Spaniards exhibit in work and love, one can expect Jeffrey’s neo-classical creation, to be lively and flirty.

Apart from capitalizing on the winning formula of showcasing both popular classics as well as newly commissioned pieces from local and foreign choreographers, this season marks a first-ever collaboration with evergreen ethnic dance companies such as Bhaskar’s Arts Academy, Dance Ensemble Singapore and Sri Warisan Som Said Performing Arts to highlight the effervescence and energy of traditional dance. Titled “Roots of Asia’s Rhythm” or ROAR, this new element promises to enthrall audiences with colour, verve, and high entertainment value.


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