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the weekend in pictures

Posted in Fashion, Interest, Life by thisisanexperiment on September 13, 2009

My Friday evening was spent walking around Chinatown and its neighbouring areas, snapping pictures like a tourist.
It’s a good reminder though, that there’s more interesting architecture around Singapore besides its HDB flats and Esplanade.

Somehow, it just seemed like a quaint island on that Friday night.

Popped into Books Actually and Polymath & Crust at Ann Siang too. Was soooo tempted to pick up some un-needed stationary, but didn’t.

I did however, stumble across a pictorial collection on the sentimental landscape and things of Singapore- like those old school toys from your childhood, that old school concrete and coarse sand playground- that seem to be on the verge of disappearing. It was a quaint little book, pity I can’t quite recall the name. But it does prompt the question- what do you miss about old school Singapore?















Saturday night was spent playing a waiting game- waiting half an hour to get into Wasabi Tei, and another half an hour to get my food. I do love sashimi though. The rest of the night was spent at Borders perusing Lonely Planet: Egypt, where I’ll be visiting in December, if all goes to plan!

I’ll also be visiting the Gulf states in the Middle East during December, and was (desperately) searching for inspiration on whatintheworld can I pack into a backpack that will last me a 3 week trip, where I will be required to dress corporate, covered up (more than I’m used to), and to various places like the Pyramids, to coffee houses, to the nightlife?

Poor students don’t buy Elle magazine, we take pictures of what’s inside.







I am now desperately seeking the following items:

1. Lonely Planet: Egypt (at a cheaper price, please)

2. Legging Pants seem like an great imperative now. Easy to pack, infinitely modesty-aiding.

3. Will be rummaging my wardrobe for tops to match. The criteria: must cover my arse. I am not a fan of flashing my butt to the world.

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