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Posted in Fashion, Interest by thisisanexperiment on September 19, 2009

There aren’t too many thrift stores around Singapore, at least besides the usual suspects of Salvation Army and other charitable stores!
Nevertheless, I’ll take what I can get!

Went thrifting at Praisehaven today  (click here for the full list of Salvation Army outlets in Singapore).

I must say, I wasn’t expecting to get much today, but Praisehaven does turn up a spoil or two each time I go there…

The haul:

1. You know what they say about little black shift dresses– you can never have one too many. This one is Satin and fits like a glove. This must be why I love vintage dresses.They just fit better for some reason. Plus, it CERTAINLY DOESNT hurt when they cost $8. And you know, great quality (:

2. An oversized drapey-slouchey mango blazer– reminiscent of one that I saw in Zara whilst in HK a while back! But at a supreme steal of $14 (or was it $16?)

3. A red evening gown that I’m going to cut (slightly) down to size and rather drastically down to length. By the time I’m done with it, it will be a spectacular, siren red shift dress that fits like a glove.

I know, some say you shouldn’t alter vintage, but, I disagree.Especially when you know they’ll just fit perfect after.There were lots more shoes there this time, though the ones that caught my eye were just too big. Spotted, ALDO black powersuit pumps and Guess Cut Out wedges (though in sizes that run large-ish; i think i saw a 9), but if you do have larger than average feet, hurry down for a steal or two! No pictures cause I was too busy running around deranged with glee for my Haul.

Also spotted- golf clubs, massive amounts of paintings, and for the boys….there are affordable blazers that fit wonderfully ($16), and even guitar cases ($20).




(I calmed down, so there are pictures).

We are on a budget, so the free entry performance by The Observatory at the University Cultural Centre was perfect.






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