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Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on September 20, 2009






The finds from today’s Flea Titan at Dempsey. Heard from one of them that this is going to be the last Flea Titan (due to a saturated market)!

Good news is that if you haven’t gone down, there’s still one more day of Flea Titan left tomorrow, with all new stuff (apparently, each day brings new stalls).

Shuttle bus available at bus-stop at Thai Embassy, and near the Four Seasons Hotel!

Back to the spoils. I’m not usually drawn to swishy stuff, but this gradient pink swishy teeshirt dress just pulled at my heart strings. Plus, it’ll be rather perfect with tights (in the Middle East). I can’t wait to swish in it, may the swish be with me.

I have quite given up on legging pants, after trying on some ankle-leggings at Uniqlo the other day. Stumpy, yuckgh.

The bag was a tremendous steal- genuine leather, fabulous beading and stitching with many compartments inside.Good solid, sturdy stuff at $30! According to the (former)owner, this pre-loved bag cost her $200, and now she’s giving it away. I gladly took it.

Many many steals this weekend, make for a happy Phyl.

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