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Candle in the Wind

Posted in Interest, Life by thisisanexperiment on September 22, 2009

Yesterday was spent in moooooooooodyness.

Ironically, my camera was in good spirits. It seems the more upset one is, the better the pictures one takes turns out.

I was fascinated by flickering candles for quite awhile as I was staring at them. Then I had a moment of pseudo-enlightenment where I thought to myself, how alike we are to candles. With every breeze that comes by, the candle dances; it bends and flickers. And when the breeze is strong enough, its bright flame diminishes for just that split second…And you hold your breath and will it not to.

And then the song ‘Candle in the Wind’ came to mind, and I almost laughed (if you know why). The spell broke, and the moment gone.

Going Om has a very nice decor and ambience. Good for moodyness or to chill out in better moods. The food is however, overpriced, and the mint tea lacklustre (as compared to the one served at Next Door Cafe down at Arab Street).

Nevertheless, I thought to myself, one day I will live in a home as eclectically designed as this. Even if it looks like a jungle from the outside.

Then I looked out the door, to an opposite store. The sales girl, dressed in white, was just packing up. Everytime she went through the door gathering this and that, the bell let out this charming jingle. And then I thought, I could really live like that. I don’t know exactly what I’d sell, but I knew for that moment that I could really live like that. Not a career woman, but happy.




















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