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my friend is internet famous

Posted in Fashion, Interest by thisisanexperiment on October 1, 2009

Fashion blogger Peter Galahad’s interview:

“What is your personal favorite outfit on by you, and by another member?

There are so many looks and people’s style I love on, I could never narrow it down to a single favourite. But a few people whose style I particularly like who spring to mind are girls: Jane Aldridge, Hannah Sider, Chah Ong, Erika A, Claire W, and Madeleine J; and boys: Snafu ~, Gregorio !, Clément Louis, 1996 ., Andres Sierra, and Mark Cheng. There are still tons of people whose style I love who I’ve missed&mashlI’d be writing a whole page otherwise…”

Picture 1

So we decided to start a revolution- Doing the Mark Cheng.

Photo 54


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