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Here Lies my Travel Attire

Posted in Fashion, Life by thisisanexperiment on November 24, 2009

So I have been thinking about many things. Such as my impending facial on Thursday. How misleading the word ‘facial’ is. Sounds relaxing doesn’t it? When actually it is just a giant ball of PAIN and AGONY while the lady uses what seems to be daggers and shovels on your face.
It’s hard to tell yourself ‘it’s worth it- all this money and pain’, when all you wanna do is cry out but can’t because your teeth are too tightly clenched together.

Hmm, yes.

But back to the point of this entry, my travel list.

1. It is a business study trip, so formal wear is a must. Sadly, I am unable to bring along my favourite tailored/fit like a dream dresses because they don’t qualify (maybe it’s cause of the conservativeness of the area). Alas! So what’s going to be packed along are (four) pairs of black slacks/pants (the fourth pair might be cutting it cause it’s really more like skinny satin pants).


2. White shirts

Because we all know you can’t really go wrong with black and white. I comfort myself with the thought that I can always cuff my pants and voila! Somewhat casual wear.


3. Faux Leather Jacket & Black Tights

Because we all know how it can make an outfit and since it will be somewhat cold for the tropical-attuned me.

I cite the following as supportive evidence.


The Little Black Dress. Doesn’t every girl need one for every trip?

And how fabulous is her duster earring with that hair, that dress!

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