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Whoa, it feels weird

Posted in Life by thisisanexperiment on November 24, 2009

I just found out that the school I went to for 10 years is moving tomorrow to a temporary location whilst it receives a complete reconstruction.

It feels weird.

Like an end of an era.

Sorta like going to Junior College or University, and realising when you go back to your alma mater that you don’t belong there anymore. Regardless of how much you enjoyed your time there. Life has pushed you forward, like it or not.

Except the next time we go back, on top of feeling like I’ve grown older and outgrown it all, the old familiar canteen, stairways, track and field, basketball courts, and stupid painted nostalgic classroom won’t be there anymore.

Nothing but memories from here on out.

It’s odd. Sad, and odd.


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