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Too Cute & The Colour of Sin

Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on November 26, 2009

I’ve never really seen lace leggings/tights  (or any other kind of leggings/tights in general, asides from plain) pulled off well.

She, however, does it pretty well & looks precious

Next point: I have found out that there is no American Apparel in the Middle East/Egypt (GOSHDARNIT) but there is H&M and La Senza. Those 2 alone could kill me shopping. Lookie what I found on the H&M website. I suddenly know the colour of Sin- Red, Glorious Red. Come to Mama!

I am torn between indulging myself in my shopaholic dreamzzz and being somewhat moral. HOW MUCH MONEY SHOULD I CHANGE ?!?!?!

To compromise, I have promised myself to only buy a maximum of 2-3 pairs of shoes. And maybe throw in a couple of dresses…

I think that’s fair because I have been restricting myself- just last night I had a dream, I went shopping in a fabulous boutique with a long sleek black sales counter (I swear it was like 3m long) and I bought 2 items (one was a pair of fabulous shoes of course) and somehow, I did not check the price tag(s). The 2 items ended up bankrupting me. My dream ended with me being agog at my negative bank account balance.

I cannot tell if this dream is telling me to spend wisely or to indulge myself because it is OBVIOUS how my repressed desires are negatively affecting me even whilst I sleep. Right?

Guess who’s gonna have fun restricting me? HEEHEE.

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