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Good Things

Posted in Fashion, Interest, Life by thisisanexperiment on November 28, 2009

Today was a good day because:

1. I got a sunflower! I love sunflowers, it’s my favourite flower!

2. I got TOMS- the arch support. Ughhh to die for, although the white Jack Purcells put up a good fight.

3. I went out for the FIRST TIME in days. Life 1, Home infinite.

4. Took good pictures, and took in the Xmas lights at Orchard Road, including the pwning Christmas Tree at Ion. One of those pictures was captured by accident, just as fallchildren was blowing out his smoke, it came into the lens of my camera, and snap! A moment was captured. I think it looked pretty cool.

5. Mustafa was interesting & offer many, many things. There, we found a pair of pants for about $30 to match a blazer we got from the Salvation Army (after searching Chinatown and Town itself). Together, they make a suit!

6. Gained stylespiration from the Sartorialist’s book, which I am too cheap to buy (sorry, poor student, limited cash flow). I now feel inspired to get down to altering my red thrifted gown! If you have the cash (or would like to buy me a present), do pick up a copy!

7. I am drinking Grape-flavoured Yakult! Yakult is awesome & good for your digestion.

Often when I go through the Sartorialist’s shots, I skim through them. Just getting the overall feel of each outfit to decide if I like them or not.

Today was a little different. A reminder that sometimes the details of each outfit are what makes it.

The way the shirt scrunches, the girl’s gorgeous bone structure, hair & eyes, a shirt turned into a skirt (how genius!), the unexpectedness of a Chuck-wearing senior, the cute little bow-tie or tie thrown into the pants-suit (for women)!

In search of a good tie to pair with my suits!

Bad things:

1. Mole factory explosion still needs a clean up. -.- I hid my face behind my vintage sunglasses (which I re-found, so there is a ‘yay!’ in that) for the day, though they came off at night cause I thought it was just too retarded to wear sunglasses at night.

2. My bank account is creeping dangerously close to the cliff…especially as I want to say “Hello sexy” to Muse at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

3. I don’t think I like ‘Women In Love’ very much. While it features good writing and thoughtful content at points, a lot of it thus far feels a little too overwrought. Perhaps I am mentally unable to connect with their strange romance style… Time will tell, if my feelings about the book will change or remain the same.

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