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Blogging from Saudi Arabia!

Posted in Interest, Life by thisisanexperiment on December 7, 2009

A country without many pictures due to its strict policies of no photography of its women. Yes, they do wear abayas with only their eyes peeking through. Just now, while at a Mall, I saw a lady with not even her eyes peeking through! I wonder how she walks…

After a day of wearing the abaya (with the headscarf on incorrectly I might add), I REALLY cannot imagine wearing this everyday of my life. Thank goodness I’m only here for a day, although I have to say it’s been a lucky experience to have seen part of a country that is rarely seen by people outside of the GCC.

I am sorry if I look freaking hideous, but that’s what you get when you’ve been travelling on the road for like more than 24 hours, 2 flights, 3 coaches. It’s insane, which is nothing less than an accurate representation of someone else I know on this trip.

Nonetheless, the people can be very hospitable although intimidating because of the way they speak (we’re not used to the way they deliver friendly questions like army commands).

The houses here are HUGE like fortresses. Or palaces. Insanity.

The weather in Saudi is pretty wet (on and off rains) but otherwise windy and cool (about 22 degreecelsius). I don’t like the cold. Have I mentioned that?

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  1. claire said, on December 8, 2009 at 2:33 pm


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