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Posted in Interest, Life by thisisanexperiment on December 8, 2009

Today, I am in Bahrain. No more abaya for me, thank god! Everything is back to normal attire-wise.

The Bahrainis are VERY different from the Saudis. I feel alot more at ease here because they’re more open-minded and liberal. The guys and girls study together in a co-ed school and they are more fluent in English. The University campus is FREAKING HUGE. And (almost) everyone drives here because it is most convenient.

The roads however, are quite haphazardly planned…and the cars get dirty easily because it’s been raining and there are puddles of muddy water everywhere.

We’re staying at Somerset Service Apartments in Bahrain; it is fantastic, we have a jacuzzi!

Meeting the Singaporeans in Bahrain was really interesting; we heard quite a bit about the escapades of the Saudis and the other GCC citizens in Bahrain, which is regarded as the Sin City of the Gulf.

Let’s just say that underneath the repression that they may face in Saudi, they come to Bahrain to let loose in many ways!

Went drinking at a lovely Cuban pub at the Ritz Carton tonight…our Singaporean counterparts here are very friendly, and we had a lovely time talking to them.

Picture Time!

Overall, I definitely enjoy Bahrain (more than Saudi) because it is just a more ‘free’ society.

Tired & Good Night!

P.S, in case you’re wondering about the weather, it’s about 20 degrees celsius here tonight. Enough to make a tropical girl like me feel chilly. Brrr.

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