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I’m Coming Home!!!

Posted in Interest, Life by thisisanexperiment on December 24, 2009

Blogging from Abu Dhabi International Airport’s service centre right now…We took a cab down from Somerset in Dubai over here, in a Dubai Taxi. The cab driver was an eccentric character, who only offered to send us ALL the way to Abu Dhabi instead of just dropping us off at the bus-stop in Dubai to take a coach to Abu Dhabi because ‘all my friends have gotten customers to Abu Dhabi except for me!’. He is a crazy driver who was going at 150km/h down Sheikh Zayed road, and who kept exclaiming ‘This is Abu Dhabi!!! This is what an Emirates is like!’, while gesticulating crazily with BOTH HANDS off the wheel.

Nonetheless, quite entertaining for me.

Cairo men are also quite perverse, though I got harrassed substantially less, probably because the guy to girl ratio was 2-to-1. I had the boyfriend & friend flanking me on both sides. One of the sales people actually said it looked like I was a Princess with 2 body guards.

Cash is running terribly low and I haven’t checked in my baggage. My hand-carry is ridiculous, I hope they let me pass through (especially for Air Asia).

Till I’m at home or till I get Internet Access next!

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