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Shoe Haul

Posted in Fashion, Interest, Life by thisisanexperiment on December 26, 2009


I am still Upset about the (now I’m sure) stolen camera & more importantly the pictures in it! Grrrrr. I know the whole experience & memories are more important, but memories fade and pictures serve as a fantastic physical capture of the moments. Alas, I have to satisfy myself with ‘refurbishing’ my photo album with ‘koped’/’grabbed’ pictures from my friends Facebook. I pray to God that they are as huge camwhores that I think they are and will have more than enough pictures capturing significant moments (like my jumps and poses at the Step Pyramids, Pyramids of Giza, especially the Great Pyramid & Luxor Temple & Karnak Temple in Egypt, and the breathtaking view from the mountain-top at Al Ain in UAE!).

In any case, in my search for photos, I stumbled across a fantastic shot of gorgeously beaded shoes and slippers that can be found in the Middle East.

I tried on a few myself, unfortunately my feet did not find them too comfortable & I was broke. Nonetheless, they are incredibly pretty to look at!

Other buys from Dubai were:

Nine West Ankle Booties & Nine West Strappy Heels (together they cost less than SGD 100)

Forever 21 Oxfords

Pictures courtesy of my phone.

More pics to come as I compile photos from the trip!

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