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A Night of Bad Photos

Posted in Fashion, Interest by thisisanexperiment on January 3, 2010

I am up at a school event right now, that I’ve been involved with planning- an overnight painting party!

Anyway, some pics from the night of bad photos, the Last Mambo of the Decade. They’re not outfit shots per se, but one can piece together the pieces of the puzzle I suppose. A one-sleever Topshop dress, AA lame skirt, vintage brown belt, Kunst ring & Nine West tie-ups.

Also, have bought the previously mentioned dress. Made a trip down to 313 Somerset yesterday to scour F21 but couldnt find the lusted for harness-like necklace and panther ring ):

A parting shot, with how we ended the painting party- a choo-choo-train of trolleys back to the storeroom (:

I am the Queen on her Royal Chair and in my hand is my sceptre. Glamorous, aint it?

Now to Sleep, but before that, the Sam Worthington watch continues with these from ohnotheydidnt…yes, he is a studly man.

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