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Designer nightmares & a wanna be fairy.

Posted in Fashion, Interest, Life, Work by thisisanexperiment on February 1, 2010

Read for the harrowing experiences faced by designers, posed to them by clients. Some of whom, aren’t very intelligent.

Black Marks

Clients don’t always read the emails. They just look at the pretty pictures.

Me (1:30pm) : Hey [client], attached are the final comps for your bookmarks. They are now updated with the identifying color schemes to match each topic. Don’t worry about the little black hash marks in the corners, those WILL NOT print. They are there so that the printing guys can reference how to set them up for press. I need your approval by 4pm today to get these back by EOD tomorrow.

Client (4:15pm): Hey B, what’s up with the little black marks in the corners? I don’t get it. Why did you add them to the design? Please remove them and send me another proof. Oh, and do you think the printing guys can move up the delivery time to noon tomorrow?

I feel his/her pain so deeply, SO DEEPLY. This is a disease suffered by many. Oh, clients, groupmates, peoplewhodontreadinstructions, among other names.

What I wore today- prom skirt from when I was 16. Now worn as a dress with a slip below to account for the shorter areas (public indecency is generally to be avoided). Love the way it feels against my skin though, and it swishes in the most lovely way when I walk. Paired with a thrifted jacket & vintage belt & Toms (I was overslept and was running late, literally).

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