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Posted in Fashion, Interest, Life by thisisanexperiment on February 9, 2010

I like being a tourist around Singapore, it gives me something to do at least. The Good News is that I will be getting my own camera in approximately 2 days (I can shoot all the time now!)

I resisted temptation (online shopping for jewellery at and have decided I will try to give Singapore another try in meeting my need for rings.

edit:my friend just showed me an online shop, BRB my babies *dances in glee*  okay, too expensive. NEXT.

My outfit shot from a few days back, alot better than my attempts via photobooth, I say.

Thrifted sheer (pirate) shirt, La Senza corset, thrifted checked skirt and random black ribbon

Can you guess where I went next?

For those in the know, that’s Tau Huay at Selegie Road. I had cold soya milk; ironically however, the egg tarts are from KFC (yes, they finally brought those yummy egg tarts to Singapore; I last had them when I was in Taiwan in 2007).

I always found it strange how Singaporeans can sit in the dirtiest of back allies (the size of the cockroaches I saw always alarm me) where rubbish is dumped out and rodents thrive, to eat and chit chat. EAT, of all things! But I am guilty of it also. I guess we just really like our food.

Midterm number 2 tomorrow, ugh.

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