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Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on March 24, 2010

I’ve been receiving alot of comments from friends about my hair ; mostly, they are incredulous at the colour or rather, spectrum of colours that it is now. Most of the time, my pictures don’t really show the true state of my hair too well, so I took some photobooth shots of my hair.

I shall now take the opportunity to explain that:

1) I had bleached it, and dyed it blue

2) The blue fades, and becomes violet. That’s why some parts are still blue and others (the tips especially) are violet. I am not sure how my hair-dresser achieves this because most of the time, I don’t actually know what she’s saying to me, but I trust her.

3) I do not dye my hair every X days to make the colour change. That is financially and hairwise impossible, since all that dying would lead to dead hair and I’m pretty sure, a damaged and potentially bald scalp

I don’t actually know what colour it will turn to next, but I want to stay a Violethead for as long as possible. With violet hair, who needs accessories?

Anyway, outfit shot accompanying the hair shots. Hmmm, I told you guys I really like the mesh top. Makes a great layering piece, paired up with my kiddy belt from the 90s. I’m wearing a satin lace slip and dark highwaist denim shorts below, with Dr Martens on my feet.

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