thisisanexperiment. no, really. it is.

First Day

Posted in Fashion, Life by thisisanexperiment on March 31, 2010

Today was my first official start to my part-time job. We’re working out of a home office right now, but to be honest, it looks infinitely better than anything I’ve experienced as a work environment. I wish I had taken a picture, because that place honestly looks like it belongs in a Home Decor magazine. It was a good start, a little mundane, but the most important thing is that I felt really comfortable, hopeful, and purposeful. I’m excited about the things to come!

Also, Topshop/Topman is having a Guerilla Fashion Showcase on Good Friday, at ION, 12pm. I would go, if it wasn’t on Good Friday. Sighs. Click here to find out how to win some gift vouchers!

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