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Happy Sunday

Posted in Life by thisisanexperiment on April 18, 2010

Happy Sunday, everyone. It feels good not to have to study for xyz exams this weekend, but for those of you still mugging on, hang on! The Summer is just about to start! Er…although mine already did.

My weekend thus far involved eating burgers, watching Kickass (the movie), and I Loved it. I didn’t have any expectations towards the movie, but it made for good laughs and then some. Mindy is such a hardcore 11-year old with a potty mouth to boot. I love her like I love Rudi. Go catch it if you haven’t!

I also began phase 1 of the Room Makeover- cleaning up. I cleaned up some of my cosmetics, and random shit accumulated over the years, and a box of my school notes, files and books. Good for me. Now just about 5 more boxes to go. Hehehehe.

Yesterday, we caught the rugby match between Singapore and Sri Lanka. It was a close match, though Sri Lanka won in the last minute (or so, I think). Took some pictures, but the Lumix LX3 isn’t really good at capturing sports in action form such a distance. I settled for taking ‘idol’ shots of my friend instead.

Then, we headed to Zouk to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I’m not sure how he lasted the night after all those shots and beer and wine, but I hope it was good for him because I didn’t even last a glass of wine and a Flaming Lambo. I am weak. What can I say? Ironically, although I did feel drunk and sleepy, the night somehow ended with me in a cab, and someone else’s puke all over my hair.  A shower and two shampoos later, I fell asleep in bed, hair still wet, and Rudi curled up next to me.

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