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Posted in Interest by thisisanexperiment on May 8, 2010

Someone said that Steve Aoki looks like Asian Jesus. I do think so, and hence the title.

Our Feet before the Stomping began.

Went for the sweatfest at Zouk last night. It was genuinely…sweaty. Some guy brushed past me. My arm was drenched with his perspiration. Other than that, it was packed like a can of sardines and Steve Aoki really is good. Worth the money and I would definitely go again.

There’s 2 other things I’ve learnt:

1. I’ll never again wear heels to a Steve Aoki event; I had my foot stomped on (by sneakers and stilettos) more times than I care to count. The key is some hardass boots that will allow you to stomp but never be stomped on. Every time people started jumping, my heart squished in fear and I said fervent prayers of “please don’t jump on my feet please don’t jump on feet please don’t jump on my…MOTHERFUCKKKKKKKKKK OWWWW*%$#!!!”. Hmm I’m thinking I need some black tall platform boots, with a metal cap. YEAHHHH.

2. Light sticks are not only good to party but also good to direct drunks* out of the crowd- “GTFO” *while waving light stick like a traffic-warden-person. My light stick was orange. Fun.

*If you are high-drunk, staying to party in a packed crowd is fine. If you are drunk-cannot stand upright gonna fall down every 30 seconds-drunk, please DO NOT remain in the crowd to party. For your every drunken sway and lean leads to a domino effect in a crowd. I do not want to die in a stampede. I don’t think the rest of the crowd paid to come and support your drunken weight / die.

Also, I think we were involved in 2 near-fights.

Here’s a snippet of the madness:

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