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What do You think of iTunes?

Posted in Interest by thisisanexperiment on May 11, 2010

I am not an Apple die-hard. While I enjoy my MacBook and iPhone, and yes, my (now retired) iPod, I am not going to instantly fall in love-lust with an iPad because I don’t need or want a bloody enlarged iPhone. Additionally, I agree with this report on iTunes:

Forrester just released its annual Customer Experience Index, a ranking of some 133 companies across 14 industries. The firms were rated by regular users according to three principles: whether the service met the customer’s needs; how easy it was to work with a firm, and how enjoyable a customer’s interactions were with the company

Bruce D Temkin is VP and Principal Analyst of Customer Experience at Forrester and responsible for compiling the report, and he pointed out a surprise in the ranking, which is determined by votes from 4,600 U.S. consumers. While online retailers and eBay did well, weighing in at #4 and #14 respectively, Apple’s iTunes came in much further down the list at #46.

Interesting. iTunes is often held up as being the cornerstone of Apple’s innovation, way more important and influential than the beautiful looking music-playing devices themselves. And it’s the iTunes system that has enabled Apple to disrupt the music industry so thoroughly. But on a user experience level, this cross-section of the American population is voting thumbs down (or, at least, not deeming it entirely excellent — it just scrapes a “good” rating in the survey). iTunes can be confusing, overwhelming and often less than entirely elegant.

Full article HERE.

What do you think of iTunes?

Honestly, navigating their iPhone applications store is quite a pain in the ass, so I’m inclined to agree that it’s not quite navigation-friendly enough.

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