thisisanexperiment. no, really. it is.


Posted in Life by thisisanexperiment on May 30, 2010

These pictures are backdated a week or two.

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They somehow mostly revolve around food, amongst others such as:

  • Reading ‘The Constant Gardener’ at Pacific Coffee at Vivocity. It’s an amazingly chill-out cafe, with swing sets I want to steal home
  • Going all the way to Bedok to have noodles; they really were yummy, the noodles were incredibly QQ (is that how they say it?)
  • Dinner at Food for Thought. I can’t quite remember what I ordered (spicy beef, something pasta) but it was GOOD. The fries were average though, but even average fries are nice to eat

In general I’ve been meeting up with friends alot to catch up, which is a good thing. For the most part of the weekend I’ve been holed up at home finishing up some research assignment work thingy I have.

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