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FFF #3

Posted in Fashion, Interest by thisisanexperiment on September 5, 2010

Friday was a busy day. So we quickly snapped our outfits during the class break.

I’m wearing my thrifted jacket, AA mesh dress, H&M bra, random black shorts, and ASOS cut-out wedges.

In other news, Wendy’s at Bras Brasah road is finally open and I went to try me some yesterday. We had the quarter-pounder burgers, fries, milkshake and baked potato with beef & cheese. The milkshake is very thick and the baked potato is quite worth it, especially if you’re thinking about grabbing something for class. The quarter-pounder didn’t taste much different from McDonald’s though.

Also, they sell garden and caeser salads for about SGD4-6.

Just one question though- WHY WOULD A FAST FOOD JOINT ONLY HAVE ONE CASHER/COUNTER? It boggles my mind. Someone better be getting redesigning that part of Wendy’s soon.

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