thisisanexperiment. no, really. it is.


Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on December 14, 2010

Outfit shots from just the other day.

Wearing some of my Zara loot- pink satin shirt (SGD10), Zara booties ($10)- with F21 denim shorts and black tights, together with my Cambridge Batchel.

Sad to say, the booties later proved to be a pain to walk in because of my high arch. Will have to hunt down some arch support gel pads (or anything else) to make it work. I am determined not to fail in this endeavour! Any other suggestions to relieve the lack of arch support?

Meanwhile, the ‘carrier’ setting on my iPhone 3GS has disappeared, I can’t get any service and reception, and that is pissing me off. How does a setting just disappear?!


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