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Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on January 7, 2011

Dear Friends & Readers,

Thanks for reading my blog, whether on a regular basis or because you accidentally stumbled on this corner of the internet. After contemplating a move for the longest time, I’ve finally made the jump to my new address:

For as long as WordPress is up and running, so will my past entries be accessible. I’m going to miss WordPress, I’m oddly sentimental like that.

My first post at my new address is already up and running, so please copy-paste the new address, and change your bookmarks!

Note: For some strange reason, I can’t provide a hyperlink to my new address. How strange and annoying!


Posted in Fashion, Interest by thisisanexperiment on December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas! Can’t wait to dig into Turkey Stuffing. Backlog from past week(s):

  • Outfit post
  • Mega Japanese Meal at Ichiban-Boshi @ Nex
  • Rudi’s huge-ass-bone Birthday Treat (he was born on Christmas Eve!)

*I wore a F21 white tee, Zara pants (SGD10 at the warehouse sale), vintage belt, Nine West lace-up heels that are uber-comfortable. Have been resisting the temptation to wear the same pants everywhere I go. Too comfortable.

*My meal was a cheesey Japanese curry rice set and the boyfriend took the sushi platter. Both were yummy. The cheesey Japanese curry was savoury and went fantastic with the sweet rice, the oranges were a sweet treat to end the meal with. They serve a good chawanmushi, although (in my opinion), it still falls to Shin Kushiya’s over at Vivocity.

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Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on December 17, 2010

I come home, switch on my laptop, and what do I find out?

That Carine Roitfeld is leaving Vogue Paris after 10 years as its editor.

I wonder, who will be her replacement?

Vogue Paris editor, Carine Roitfeld, has stepped down after ten years of service to concentrate on personal projects.

Roitfeld, 56, started her career as a model after being scouted on the street in Paris, then switched to styling which led her to working with photographer Mario Testino, shooting stories for US Vogue and Vogue Paris.

She later became Tom Ford’s muse during his successful tenure at both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, before taking up her position as editor of Vogue Paris in 2001.

“It is impossible to overstate Carine’s powerful contribution to Vogue and to the fields of fashion and magazine publishing. Under her direction, Vogue Paris received record levels of circulation and advertising and editorial success,” Jonathan Newhouse, CEO of Condé Nast International told “Vogue Paris has established itself as one of the most iconic magazines in the world, with huge influence in the field of fashion and photography.”

Roitfeld’s role at Vogue Paris is unique in that she not only edits the magazine, but also still styles many of the publication’s main fashion stories. Her perennially chic signature style of very high heels, pencil skirts and blouses has made her one of the most photographed women at fashion week, and earned her a place on many a best-dressed list . She recently invited great friend Tom Ford to guest-edit the December/January issue of Vogue Paris.

“Carine herself has become widely known as a beacon of style, fulfilling the role with charm and graciousness. She has become a giant in her profession,” Newhouse said. “Carine will be deeply missed. I am extremely grateful to her for what she has achieved.”

Roitfeld will leave the magazine in January, an announcement about her replacement will be made in the coming weeks.

Image via southernfemme, article via


Posted in Beauty, Fashion, Interest by thisisanexperiment on December 16, 2010

In my Retail Management class, we learnt that beauty products are often placed near the entrances of departmental stores / on their ground floors, precisely because they are impulse products. How many of us can attest to that? I know I can.

Recently, I stumbled across an article that might help explain why women all over the world spend good money for beauty products. The article “Flattery Will Get an Ad Nowhere” by Pamela Paul, is based on the paper “The Self-Activation Effect of Advertisements: Ads Can Affect Whether and How Consumers Think About the Self,” by Debra Trampe, Diederik A. Stapel and Frans W. Siero, The Journal of Consumer Research.

I thought it was too interesting not to share.

APPARENTLY it doesn’t take much to make a girl feel plain. Just looking at an object intended to enhance beauty makes women feel worse about themselves, according to a study from the April 2011 issue of The Journal of Consumer Research.

The study looked at how women responded to an image of something (say, a high-heeled shoe) depicted in an advertisement and as a simple photograph with no advertising context. According to the authors — led by Debra Trampe, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands — advertised products, unlike unadvertised products, affect both whether and how the viewer thinks of herself afterward. In other words, an image of the high-heeled shoe in a stylish advertisement is likely to trigger a sense of inadequacy.

Of course, you’d anticipate ads featuring Lara Stone and Chanel Iman would make most women feel less than lovely. But here’s an interesting catch: the ads in the study did not feature human beings, or the model approximation thereof. While social-comparison theory holds that people gain information about themselves by looking at other people, according to this study at least, they also gain information about themselves by comparing themselves to objects.

In four different experiments with female undergraduates, beauty products were divided into two categories: beauty enhancing, such as mascara and perfume, and problem solving, such as acne cream and deodorant. One group of students was shown ads for both types of products; another group was shown simple images of both, without advertising.

Those who were shown advertised beauty-enhancing products were likely to think about themselves more afterward than other women would. Perhaps not such a big deal. But the thoughts they had about themselves (when asked questions such as “How attractive do you find yourself?” and “How satisfied are you with your body?”) were decidedly gloomier.

In advertising, implicature refers to the implicit message carried out by an image in an ad. The presence of a cashmere scarf next to a lipstick, for example, can imply luxury and softness. This is established Madison Avenue thinking.

But, the authors suggest, the very fact of the ad itself also conveys meaning to consumers. According to the study, “advertisements displaying beauty-enhancing (rather than problem-solving) products are likely to remind consumers of their own shortcomings.” This, in turn, makes them view themselves more negatively. The authors quote Christopher Lasch, who back in the 1970s said “modern” advertising “seeks to create needs, not to fulfill them; it generates new anxieties instead of allaying old ones.”

What does this mean, other than a plummeting sense of self-esteem after putting down a fashion magazine? “You might expect that a deflated sense of self could lead to lower buying intentions,” said Dr. Trampe, a question she plans to explore further. Or, perhaps, the true basis for “shopping therapy.”


So the next time you (and I) think we should buy that new miracle product, maybe we should think twice.

Side Note: You know what else makes you buy more? Facials. Suddenly (or maybe not so suddenly), you have all sorts of skin problems that must be remedied immediately, like dark eye-circles, etc. But then again, maybe they just highlight what problems you had, that you were previously blind to. Whatever it is, I think I need me some eye-gel, pronto.





Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on December 14, 2010

Outfit shots from just the other day.

Wearing some of my Zara loot- pink satin shirt (SGD10), Zara booties ($10)- with F21 denim shorts and black tights, together with my Cambridge Batchel.

Sad to say, the booties later proved to be a pain to walk in because of my high arch. Will have to hunt down some arch support gel pads (or anything else) to make it work. I am determined not to fail in this endeavour! Any other suggestions to relieve the lack of arch support?

Meanwhile, the ‘carrier’ setting on my iPhone 3GS has disappeared, I can’t get any service and reception, and that is pissing me off. How does a setting just disappear?!


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Posted in Fashion, Interest by thisisanexperiment on December 12, 2010

There’s about 12 more days till Christmas, have you done your shopping yet? I haven’t, in fact, I’m too broke to. However, what I lack in money, I make up for in…free time. Which I use to make up my Christmas Gift List, and imagine an ideal world where I can afford all of the following:

1. Oxfords















Every girl needs a good pair of these in their wardrobe. I should know since my F21 pair just had its sole drop off. This chic pair of Zara oxfords look sturdy, well-made and comes in either black or brown (although I am partial towards the brown). I can just picture all the outfit combis I would do with this pair. Retails at 59.99 GBP on


2. Leopard Blazer

Yeah, yeah, I know I said I find leopard prints tacky, and I normally do, except for this time. I find myself especially taken with this Zara leopard print blazer. Maybe it’s the cut, maybe it’s how it’s paired, but something about it feels just right. Retails at 79.99 GBP on


3. Jewelry

How about jewelry that doesn’t break the bank? Get some cute and delicate-ish handmade bling from etsy shops like Piper Blue that sells necklaces and earrings at pretty affordable prices ranging from USD20++.

Alternatively, consider Gwen Delicious, another etsy store that makes use of unconventional and unexpected vintage materials (like type writer keys or cashier keys) to be remade into necklaces and even cufflinks. Prices range from USD20+ onwards.


4. A Cambridge Satchel

It’s leather, well-made and hardy. What’s not to like? Okay, well, maybe the buckles which can be troublesome and tiresome. You can get your/your loved one’s initials embossed. Comes in variety of colours. Order now to get it delivered before Christmas. I already have one, but would love one in gorgeous purple!  Pssssst, if you are in Singapore and would like a brand new, never-been-used light brown Cambridge Batchel, let me know! I’ve got a friend who’s looking to sell his new, un-embossed batchel.


5. Laptop Sleeve

Mine has a spoilt zipper (which makes it a hazard to store and carry my Macbook in), and I’ve been meaning to get a new one, but for laziness and broke-ness. Ever since I spotted the Cote et Ciel sleeve on Bagaholic Boy, I’ve been wanting to pick one up from Cumulus (Wheelock Place). According to Bagaholic Boy, it’s about SGD60 and neoprene. Reasonably priced and perfect since I already have a nasty dent in my Macbook (i.e, I am clumsy). I checked out Cote et Ciel’s website, and like the short opening diver sleeves in Blackcurrent or Navy Blue.
























5. Reed Krakoff Suede Tote












Got £821.28 to spare? This Reed Krakoff Suede tote over at net-a-porter is structured, in a lovely shade, and would make a great work bag (this is the almost-graduating side of me talking). Who is Reed Krakoff? The executive creative director of Coach, but thankfully there are no monograms on this bag.
6. Get ready for 2011
I already have my Kikki.K organiser, but Kikki.K (located at Ion) is my favourite diary/organiser retailer after all, so if at a loss, you can always get some lovely diaries and organisers from them for your friends! Their 2011 organisers range from leather-bound professional-looking ones, to adorable ones (with stickers!). Something for everyone.
7. Perfumes
Perfume fragrances are a very personal thing. I like floral scents and abhor sweet ones (they make me feel downright nauseous). Some of my favourite floral scents are Paris by Yves Saint Laurent and Flower by Kenzo.
What’s on your Christmas Wish List?
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Posted in Fashion, Interest by thisisanexperiment on December 9, 2010

No time for pictures, but I just checked out the Zara/Ted Baker warehouse sale. Wasn’t sure if it would be much, but since it’s the holidays, I went to check it out.

Not much going for the Ted Baker section, but the Zara sale does hold some fabulous buys!

Prices start from $2 for tops to $10 for shoes, and $20 for jackets and blazers. There is a small array of men’s clothing and shoes available.

It’s still going on tomorrow and Saturday, 9am-6pm at 190 Macpherson Road.

I picked up 3 gorgeous pairs of heels, and a few pieces of clothing.

If you can, hurry down tomorrow! There may still be good buys! Be prepared to dig and practice sneaky-trying-clothes tactics.

Warning: goods sold are defective, so be sure to check for (intolerable) missing buttons, tears, spoilt / stained areas, etc, before making your purchase.

Payment by cash and Nets accepted.

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Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on December 1, 2010

My exams are over, hurray!

Batam beckons in less than 12 hours and I should be asleep by now.

Before I leave, I wanted to blog about Jeffrey Campbell’s Spring Summer 2011 catalogue (been out for a few weeks now). Loving the spring-time colours, and small town Americana vibe I’m getting from this.

& their new PINK ROCK Collection is absolutely darling. I am obsessed with pink suede foxy-wood and the pink lita is starting to look very desirable as well!


Here are a few of my favourites from the collection, that I’ll be looking to save up and procure!

To download the catalogue for yourself, it’s available at

& from the PINK ROCK collection:


Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on November 28, 2010

Congrats to everyone who has finished with their exams. I am still toiling on.

2 more (potential) disasters to go on Monday and Tuesday, before I hit the gym and hit Batam the following day.

I am still getting used to and delighting in my Cambridge Satchel, and promised not to shop anymore, but it is proving hard to resist the temptation to browse. I am keeping things on tabs by rationalising that I am just planning my Xmas/New Year purchases before hand.

Way before hand.

In any case, I am just glad I make it through today without concussing. Last night, I fell asleep while reading my cultural psychology class notes. Then I had strange dreams about me breaking my wrist, and ending up in a hospital where they told me I had high blood sugar levels or something (and I had this strange and totally inexplicable fear that they would catch me for imbibing some illegal substances). Before I could find out, my mom woke me up at 6am to yell at me for not switching off the lights. But how could I when I didn’t even realise I fell asleep?

There is a point to this post, which is to share this strangely alluring yet terrifying creepy editorial featured in Tatler HK May 2010.

Shot by Baldovino Barani & styled by Holly Suan Gray.

(sidenote: maybe these are the kinds of things that cause one to have strange dreams, especially when seen before bed)

Not gonna lie, I do feel genuinely perturbed by this editorial. Styling is great though.

More scans at the source, foto_decadent

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Posted in Fashion, Life by thisisanexperiment on November 24, 2010

First exam has been taken, 2 more to go, and the term will be over!

Recent activities / purchases recap:

Starry Nite: ‘Twas a retro/hobo theme. I liked the opening band, even if many didn’t. It’s different, but good music nonetheless. Perhaps it just wasnt suited to the desires of the crowd, which was to mosh, I suppose.

Cambridge Satchel: my batchel is here! I give it 2 thumbs up- the colour is true to their picture, it’s really well-made and solidly put together. The buckles can be a little annoying, but I’m getting used to it. Plus, they deliver by Fed Ex, gotta love them for their tracking service! The 5 week wait was worth it.

Kikki.K 2011 organiser: I love Kikki.K (located at Ion) for their simplicity & functionality. And, I love my 2011 organiser. Can’t wait to use it, but I’m controlling myself (besides it only starts on 20th December). It also comes in yellow, red, and blue.

Rudi’s New Ball: my dog Rudi has a new ball, and he is obsessed. He carries it everywhere he goes (even to greet me when I get home) and is always trying to get people to play fetch with him, every single minute. Adorable, but it’s getting a little much. Especially since my dog insists on fighting for ball possession, before you can play fetch. He sleeps in my parents’ room and word is, he didn’t sleep at all last night; he just kept playing with his new toy!

In other news,

H&M is coming to Singapore (but we will all miss the H&M x Lanvin collection, sadly)

GAP has a new collaboration with Valentino! Check it out HERE.

I am heading to Batam after my exams, for a much needed re-charge.


Dear Friends, sorry for the neglect, but there will be catching up to do once I get back!