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Posted in Interest, Life by thisisanexperiment on December 30, 2010


It’ll be 2011 in about 24 hours! How exciting. It’ll be my last year as a student. 22 years as a student, pretty scary to think of myself as being part of the ‘work force’.

What are your New Year plans?

My friends and I just hauled ass (yesterday) to book a (scarcely available) hotel room in which we can all comfortably ring in the New Year without having the problem of having to squeeze onto public transportation / struggling to get a cab home.

What’s been happening lately:

  • Adorable God Daughter is adorable and 13months old. She’s so soft and fluffy!
  • My entry for Fever Avenue’s WIYB3.
  • At the behest of my parents and my terrible roots, I have dyed my hair back to black.
  • Finally gave in to my long-standing obsession with hoping I can carry off bangs.
  • Trying to decide if I look okay in bangs or if I hate it.
  • Unable to decide, shall leave it to tomorrow.
  • Ate at Arbite at Serangoon Gardens, at the recommendation of my friends over at cravingandwanderlust. Nice little place, reminds me a little of Food for Thought. Good place to just chill out with friends though.
  • I had the pappardelle served with mushrooms and parma ham. It was deceivingly filling, and at $19.90, I thought it was a tad pricey, but not too bad. Salty, creamy, love the generous load of mushrooms, very garlic-y.
  • Also shared “My Wife’s Chocolate Cake” served with a side of vanilla ice-cream. Very chocolatey and very satisfying for the sweet-tooth.
  • Didn’t bring a camera out, photos via cravingsandwanderlust
  • Spanner in my grad-trip plans. BUMMED.

Happy New Year in advance, y’all!

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Posted in Fashion, Interest by thisisanexperiment on December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas! Can’t wait to dig into Turkey Stuffing. Backlog from past week(s):

  • Outfit post
  • Mega Japanese Meal at Ichiban-Boshi @ Nex
  • Rudi’s huge-ass-bone Birthday Treat (he was born on Christmas Eve!)

*I wore a F21 white tee, Zara pants (SGD10 at the warehouse sale), vintage belt, Nine West lace-up heels that are uber-comfortable. Have been resisting the temptation to wear the same pants everywhere I go. Too comfortable.

*My meal was a cheesey Japanese curry rice set and the boyfriend took the sushi platter. Both were yummy. The cheesey Japanese curry was savoury and went fantastic with the sweet rice, the oranges were a sweet treat to end the meal with. They serve a good chawanmushi, although (in my opinion), it still falls to Shin Kushiya’s over at Vivocity.

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Posted in Fashion, Interest, Life by thisisanexperiment on July 28, 2010

The boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary tonight with a nice dinner. I picked out several options but the decision-maker decided to go with his own pick- Garibaldi over at Purvis Street.

Their Chef, Roberto Galetti, won the World Gourmet Summit Award for Restauranteur of the Year 2009, and Garibaldi was the winner of Restaurant of the Year 2009. So I really can’t complain about the choice made, not that I was going to, especially since he kept insisting we were going to eat ”zhi char” before.

I have been instructed to mention what we tried (according to the receipt because we don’t speak Italian):

  • Panna
  • Lumache
  • Zuppa del Giorno
  • Cannelloni
  • Ossobuco

Basically, somewhere in this list is “garlic snails”, cream of asparagus soup, “veal with rissotto” and the cannelloni (which I had) was served with Wagyu beef, leeks and a cream sauce. We had some sparkling wine to go along, and for someone who doesn’t typically enjoy wine, I really liked it. We were too stuffed to even consider dessert.

Looking at it now, the snails do look kinda weird; thank god for dim lighting & poor eyesight. Picture flood.

Outfit Shots. I’m wearing a vintage black lace shift dress, purple suede Nine West pumps, bag from On Pedder, an assortment of rings & a gothic style cross bracelet. But the best accessory is really the Rose.

& check out the moon tonight. Looks awesome.

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The Rain in Spain falls mainly on the Plain

Posted in Interest, Life by thisisanexperiment on June 21, 2010

Not a very exciting week or weekend. Haven’t felt like dressing up and nothing seems to be right in the world of my wardrobe.

Happy Father’s Day, by the way.

My weekend has mostly been spent in a freezing ballroom. My jaw was clenched so tight because of the cold, which then gave me a headache, which persisted because I couldn’t unclench my jaw because I couldn’t escape the ballroom for too long. At least I got to hear some nice jazz.

Today, I tried some new noteworthy things: Spanish paella and pork knuckles. Food porn ahead.

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Yummy good stuff. According to wiki, paella is…

Paella (Spanish pronunciation: [paˈeʎa]) is a Valencian rice dish that originated in its modern form in the mid-19th century near lake Albufera, a lagoon in Valencia, on the east coast of Spain.[1]

Mixed paella is a free-style combination of meat, seafood, vegetables and sometimes beans.

I believe the one I had was a mixed paella. It’s nice and just a tad salty and hits the right spot. Who knows a good paella recipe and wants to share?

Things I want to do next week:

  • work (because work = money)
  • watch the karate kid
  • watch toy story 3 (DON’T JUDGE ME)
  • check out Ambush at Mandarin Gallery (I wanted to check it out today, but got there too late- ’twas closed!)
  • FIND THE PERFECT WHITE SUMMER DRESS (at this, I would like to say, ‘WTF why is it so hard to find one in Singapore???!?!?’)

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Posted in Life by thisisanexperiment on May 30, 2010

These pictures are backdated a week or two.

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They somehow mostly revolve around food, amongst others such as:

  • Reading ‘The Constant Gardener’ at Pacific Coffee at Vivocity. It’s an amazingly chill-out cafe, with swing sets I want to steal home
  • Going all the way to Bedok to have noodles; they really were yummy, the noodles were incredibly QQ (is that how they say it?)
  • Dinner at Food for Thought. I can’t quite remember what I ordered (spicy beef, something pasta) but it was GOOD. The fries were average though, but even average fries are nice to eat

In general I’ve been meeting up with friends alot to catch up, which is a good thing. For the most part of the weekend I’ve been holed up at home finishing up some research assignment work thingy I have.

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Food Porn over the Weekend

Posted in Interest, Life by thisisanexperiment on April 26, 2010

Didn’t take much pictures over the weekend, partially because my camera was low on battery and I kept forgetting to charge it.

What I’ve been up to:

  • meeting up with friends at House @ Dempsey
  • window shopping at IKEA for my room-makeover-inspiration
  • meeting with friends over shisha & mint-tea
  • sleeping like I haven’t slept in 10 years
  • cleaning my room like a woman possessed, whilst listening to Eminem
  • redeemed free Swensen’s banana-split

The second last point is a good thing especially because it is the crucial step one to making over my room. Over the weekend, I’ve cleared up about 5 big bags and a big box worth of junk, and freed up so much space. My visit to IKEA also gave me tonnes of ideas for making over my room, and I’ve settled on a plan of what I want and an approximate budget. I am beyond EXCITED.

Here’s some food porn pictures.

The spaghetti looks yummy, no? It was the lunch that was so kindly provided for me by my boss & her helper. The presentation is so restaurant worthy. Awesome.

The subsequent pictures were our Friday night meals at Cedele. I adore sunny side up eggs, can’t you tell? And they’ve made me a fan of sourdough bread.

& here’s some food for thought via picknit

I’m looking for selfishness. Perfect selfishness. Like, say I tell you I want to eat strawberry shortbread. And you stop everything you’re doing and run out and buy it for me. And you come back out of breath and get down on your knees and hold this strawberry shortbread out to me. And I say I don’t want it any more and throw it out of the window. That’s what I ‘m looking for.”

“I’m not sure that has anything to do with love,” I said with some amazement.

“It does,” she said. “You just don’t know it. There are times in a girl’s life when things like that are incredibly important.”

“Things like throwing strawberry shortbread out of the window?”

Exactly. And when I do it, I want the man to apologize to me. “Now I see, Midori. What a fool I’ve been! I should have known that you would lose your desire for strawberry shortbread. I have all the intelligence and sensitivity of a piece of donkey shit. To make it up to you, I’ll go out and buy you something else. What would you like? Chocolate mousse? Cheesecake?”


As much as this seems like a terribly ridiculous, nonsensical, spoilt thing to want and to do. It is exactly how I feel at times. Prone to temper tantrums that don’t make sense. It’s not good, but sometimes you really want the response to be “I have all the intelligence and sensitivity of a piece of donkey shit”. I can’t explain it. Does anyone else feel this way sometimes?

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Meatballs & Grass

Posted in Interest, Life by thisisanexperiment on April 20, 2010

The 2 are really unrelated.

I cooked Spaghetti & Meatballs today, a Jamie Oliver recipe that’s easy to do. You can find it HERE.

The meatballs weren’t really meatballs though. The recipe calls for it to be easily squeezed out from sausages (that you can buy), into little balls. It’s approximately 1 sausage for 3 meatballs (but mine produced alot more ‘meatballs’). I used some bratswurst sausages from the supermarket, but didn’t manage to squeeze them into balls. Hmm, no matter.

Didn’t use balsamic vinegar either, cause…I’m on a budget. I used a tad bit of sugar instead to sweeten the sauce. Seasoned with salt and black pepper. Also made the sauce thicker  (than what the original recipe) seems like just because.

In other news, Rudi went out to play.

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I’ve decided I’m going to try to cook something at least once a week. It’s to train me for independent living. Also, here’s some other words of wisdom.


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Scamble, scramble

Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on April 15, 2010

So on my birthday, I tasted the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever had. To be quite honest, I normally dislike scramble eggs, probably because the first ones I tasted were at McDonald’s and to be honest…WHO ELSE THINKS THEY TASTE LIKE CARDBOARD?!?!

Yeah, but I changed my mind (that all scrambled eggs taste like cardboard) when I tasted those on my birthday & decided to try to whip up some of my own. 2 eggs, salt, pepper, herb, and milk later, I had scrambled eggs, Ritz crackers (yum) and a glass of milk. Makes for good breakfast, no?

Discovered that using the chopboard as a base to to place my food on, while I take pictures, works.

Forgive me if I seem excited at scrambled eggs, but I am an amateur cook after all.

Also, what I wore today. I like to think that I look like a matador in one of the photos. Fun.

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Love the slideshow function. Thanks wordpress!

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Photo Flood

Posted in Fashion, Interest by thisisanexperiment on March 28, 2010

It was another Food-filled weekend, and it all began on Friday when I met friends for tea and then dinner. But no complaints, though I was stuffed silly. To kick things off, my outfit for the day.

We enjoyed tea at ‘Food for Thought’ at 8Q, which is just diagonally adjacent to the Singapore Arts Museum. Its random location makes it quite cute and quaint, and its unique shape helps too. I’m really impressed by its Red Velvet Cake- SGD6 for a HUGE slice of cake that can be shared between 2-3 people.

We also tried their banana walnut pancakes- 3 slices for about SGD8 (I think). All in all, its a very good and affordable place to dine and relax at! I’m a fan!

Later at dinner, I was brought to a Thai restaurant. Its good and spicy! A pity I was too stuffed to eat much. But here’s some tomyum and Thai Ice Tea (loves it) for foodporn.

And now, random picture flood.

Of Meatballs & Hash

Posted in Interest by thisisanexperiment on March 7, 2010

I’ve been eating like a pig. As my documentation can attest to. A recent visit to fika at Arab Street involved Swedish Hash and their meatballs.

Both were yummy, and pretty worth their price.  I really enjoyed the Hash- who knew beetroot could be yummy? I hear their cheesecake is pretty good too, though I decided not to burden my screaming arteries with more load. If I were you though, I’d save on drinks there and head next door to Next Door Cafe for some ice mint tea. The best I’ve ever had and perfect for this summer heat.

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