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i am so uninspired

Posted in Fashion, Interest, Life by thisisanexperiment on October 19, 2009

I have been just reverting to unimaginative wear these days. Today, I put on my swing-dress and Dr Martens. Another dress-boot combi.

Tomorrow’s my Hell Day with a huge presentation I hope goes well- Going to wear my Alexander Wang inspired Zipper Dress.

Help me feel inspired, oh

Celine’s Leather Shirt. Genius.

I think this is how my little red riding hood will look like. Plus the red cape/hood and red-dress of course.

Just a little devilish.

Black tights? Booties?

Or maybe this:

via bikinifetish

Now, what to do with my hair?

Shall I bunch up two ‘ponytails’?

halloweeeeeeeen pillows?

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This is It.

Posted in Life by thisisanexperiment on October 15, 2009

Halloween Party Will Happen This Year.

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