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Guitar Hero

Posted in Art, Interest by thisisanexperiment on April 8, 2009

I’m not much of a guitar person, I’ll admit. Can’t play one, don’t know much about them. I can’t even play Guitar Hero well.

But, I can appreciate a stunning photoshoot featuring…Guitars.

Taken from Hedi Slimane

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Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on February 25, 2009


Known for making the slim male silhouette a fashion favourite, and the former Creative Designer at Dior, and the creator of Dior Homme, the man has since been more involved in Fashion Photography.

One of his latest photography subjects- Courtney Love, churned out wonderfully done shots of the usual mess that is Courtney Love. Granted, the woman does have her moments of Hits.

I’m loving this picture- the cigarette in her hand, and the virginal lace she’s got on.

There’s something delightful about it.

Another favourite of mine (as a true shoe whore would say). This is such a hooker shoe.

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