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Have I told you about Picnik?

Posted in Uncategorized by thisisanexperiment on May 5, 2009

No? Haven’t! Well that’s cause I just learnt about it yesterday!!! 😀

It’s really like photoshop but ONLINE and easier. I actually finds that it works alot faster than my own photoshop (partly because my laptop is a little wonky) and also cause psd files tend to be so big.

Well, if you’re looking to do alittle bit of quick editing (cropping, red-eye correction, rotating, even doing cool lomo-effects!), give Picnik ( a try!

I probably will tomorrow at work, doing proper work of course, putting all the sneakily taken photos I have today together! (I was sent OUTSIDE today. Have I told you how much I love being outside, as in outside of the office. Not inside. Where there’s no windows. I have totally realised the benefits of windows. Without it, one becomes depressed).

Also, I need a fancy dinner NOW. So I can something as pretty-fierce as this! Look at the shoesss…the zipper. Mmmm. Salivates.

Or alright, I’ll settle for this too.

Love the assymetry.