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Posted in Interest, Work by thisisanexperiment on November 7, 2010

Being in SMU this term has felt like a marathon. I’ve got 2 more project presentations to get over, and then, a little breathing space before I embark on my individual research proposal and studying for finals.

The lack of updates didn’t even reach my mind, I’ve been so busy trying to meet deadlines. This term has not been easy for so many of us; talking with my friends, we shared the implications of living such a stressful life. Or maybe it’s just us getting older- chest pains, anxiety, throbbing headaches, time crunches, bad skin, and in my case, spending minutes trying to remember if I brushed my teeth, while I’m still in the shower. Shower amnesia.

Well, why not share some of the project work I’ve been doing. I’ve got nothing else anyway. Some snapshots of slides I did…

& then a series of mock-up posters for a retail management/concept project. Photos via googleimage, clearly, and only used for academic purposes. But you get the picture. The concept was a cereal eatery, high on customization. Though the focus of the project wasn’t on communications, we wanted to illustrate how it could be used to try to expand the consumption occasions of cereal. Would have been more effective if the lunchtime cereal was a different one from the morning breakfast one, but I couldn’t find a satisfactory picture :\

Last stretch of this never-ending marathon to go.

In other news, my asos order has arrived! AWESOME.


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