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Posted in Fashion, Interest by thisisanexperiment on December 12, 2010

There’s about 12 more days till Christmas, have you done your shopping yet? I haven’t, in fact, I’m too broke to. However, what I lack in money, I make up for in…free time. Which I use to make up my Christmas Gift List, and imagine an ideal world where I can afford all of the following:

1. Oxfords















Every girl needs a good pair of these in their wardrobe. I should know since my F21 pair just had its sole drop off. This chic pair of Zara oxfords look sturdy, well-made and comes in either black or brown (although I am partial towards the brown). I can just picture all the outfit combis I would do with this pair. Retails at 59.99 GBP on


2. Leopard Blazer

Yeah, yeah, I know I said I find leopard prints tacky, and I normally do, except for this time. I find myself especially taken with this Zara leopard print blazer. Maybe it’s the cut, maybe it’s how it’s paired, but something about it feels just right. Retails at 79.99 GBP on


3. Jewelry

How about jewelry that doesn’t break the bank? Get some cute and delicate-ish handmade bling from etsy shops like Piper Blue that sells necklaces and earrings at pretty affordable prices ranging from USD20++.

Alternatively, consider Gwen Delicious, another etsy store that makes use of unconventional and unexpected vintage materials (like type writer keys or cashier keys) to be remade into necklaces and even cufflinks. Prices range from USD20+ onwards.


4. A Cambridge Satchel

It’s leather, well-made and hardy. What’s not to like? Okay, well, maybe the buckles which can be troublesome and tiresome. You can get your/your loved one’s initials embossed. Comes in variety of colours. Order now to get it delivered before Christmas. I already have one, but would love one in gorgeous purple!  Pssssst, if you are in Singapore and would like a brand new, never-been-used light brown Cambridge Batchel, let me know! I’ve got a friend who’s looking to sell his new, un-embossed batchel.


5. Laptop Sleeve

Mine has a spoilt zipper (which makes it a hazard to store and carry my Macbook in), and I’ve been meaning to get a new one, but for laziness and broke-ness. Ever since I spotted the Cote et Ciel sleeve on Bagaholic Boy, I’ve been wanting to pick one up from Cumulus (Wheelock Place). According to Bagaholic Boy, it’s about SGD60 and neoprene. Reasonably priced and perfect since I already have a nasty dent in my Macbook (i.e, I am clumsy). I checked out Cote et Ciel’s website, and like the short opening diver sleeves in Blackcurrent or Navy Blue.
























5. Reed Krakoff Suede Tote












Got £821.28 to spare? This Reed Krakoff Suede tote over at net-a-porter is structured, in a lovely shade, and would make a great work bag (this is the almost-graduating side of me talking). Who is Reed Krakoff? The executive creative director of Coach, but thankfully there are no monograms on this bag.
6. Get ready for 2011
I already have my Kikki.K organiser, but Kikki.K (located at Ion) is my favourite diary/organiser retailer after all, so if at a loss, you can always get some lovely diaries and organisers from them for your friends! Their 2011 organisers range from leather-bound professional-looking ones, to adorable ones (with stickers!). Something for everyone.
7. Perfumes
Perfume fragrances are a very personal thing. I like floral scents and abhor sweet ones (they make me feel downright nauseous). Some of my favourite floral scents are Paris by Yves Saint Laurent and Flower by Kenzo.
What’s on your Christmas Wish List?
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Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on October 26, 2010

The only thing worthy of an update is…that I gave into temptation and bought asos!

Tres excited.

Sharing a peek at my loot.

Can’t wait to make exciting outfits with these (:

In other news, it looks like Cookie Monster is a no-go. I am now accepting suggestions for other easy costume ideas.


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Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on June 14, 2010

Summer Desires. Yum yum.

Images via irregularchoice, asos, and cambridgesatchel

Slowly saving for them. Slowly.

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Fred Perry Pop Up Sale

Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on May 25, 2010

Haven’t been doing much to share about. But here’s something I’m intending to check out soon-ish.

If you get there before I do, let me know if it’s any good!

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Don’t you Love the Weekends?

Posted in Uncategorized by thisisanexperiment on March 6, 2010

Or rather, just free days.

Just enough time for a quick outfit shot and some pictures, before I run.

BY THE WAY, SOON LEE is having a 30% sale on its bags and clothes now, till tomorrow (7th March!)

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Too Cute & The Colour of Sin

Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on November 26, 2009

I’ve never really seen lace leggings/tights  (or any other kind of leggings/tights in general, asides from plain) pulled off well.

She, however, does it pretty well & looks precious

Next point: I have found out that there is no American Apparel in the Middle East/Egypt (GOSHDARNIT) but there is H&M and La Senza. Those 2 alone could kill me shopping. Lookie what I found on the H&M website. I suddenly know the colour of Sin- Red, Glorious Red. Come to Mama!

I am torn between indulging myself in my shopaholic dreamzzz and being somewhat moral. HOW MUCH MONEY SHOULD I CHANGE ?!?!?!

To compromise, I have promised myself to only buy a maximum of 2-3 pairs of shoes. And maybe throw in a couple of dresses…

I think that’s fair because I have been restricting myself- just last night I had a dream, I went shopping in a fabulous boutique with a long sleek black sales counter (I swear it was like 3m long) and I bought 2 items (one was a pair of fabulous shoes of course) and somehow, I did not check the price tag(s). The 2 items ended up bankrupting me. My dream ended with me being agog at my negative bank account balance.

I cannot tell if this dream is telling me to spend wisely or to indulge myself because it is OBVIOUS how my repressed desires are negatively affecting me even whilst I sleep. Right?

Guess who’s gonna have fun restricting me? HEEHEE.

back in the day

Posted in Fashion, Interest by thisisanexperiment on November 22, 2009

When Angelina Jolie was not that annoying.

Also, Shopping List Consolidation Time:

1. Eyeliner (liquid & pencil both need replenishment)

2. Toms or Chucks

3. Maybe this dress? For SGD40+ – is that worth it?

Ugh, my headaches but it’s back to psych for now.

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Sharing is Caring

Posted in Fashion, Interest by thisisanexperiment on October 27, 2009







1. A silver envelope card holder from Helen Kelly at Cityluxe (in Ion).

40% off, silver (so boomz) and absolutely adorable- silver on the outside, royal purple on the inside ❤

Also come in other colours…Beware though, that shop can really draw you in and make you buy ‘un-needed’ things.

2. Shoessss

Visited the featured shoe store (in last week’s Urban).

In case you haven’t read it, its a little store at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, Blk 410.

They sell leather shoes at affordable prices.

Both pairs cost $29 each, but hurry fast! Sizes are running out, I’m a size 5 and didn’t have many design choices left.

But if you’re a size 3 or 4, good news all around for you!

It’s called Star Tech Management (I don’t understand the name either).

Haven’t broken them in yet. Feeling a little scared of blisters (it really does fit just right).


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show me the zipia

Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on October 13, 2009

They’re blond! They have dewyskin! Sighs.

Been browsing WANTS THESE cause I need new flats soon-ish and generally just really like shoes.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 4

Picture 5

Also, this dress is very Coco Chanel. Starting to wonder if I could do the collar to one of my black dresses now.

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Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on October 4, 2009

Abound with the need to buy something (possibly elation from Midterm-end, and yet depression from research that needed to be done pronto), I splurged.

Dear friend-who-was-shopping-with-me, I failed.

This is impulse-shopping at its best and worst.

I’m not sure how to protect my decency with this, but we shall see!

This was the best picture I could find of my topshop purchase (:

On the brighter side, I am now a fashionforward member!

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