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Of Rum & Smoke

Posted in Interest, Life by thisisanexperiment on March 22, 2010

Just some pictures I took this past weekend. We wanted to hunt for Absinthe in Little India, but stopped because we realised it’s just a restaurant. (Side Note: does anyone know where we can find the green drink here?)

So we decided to see if Little India holds any treasures of the Rum variety. To be specific, the ‘best rum ever, mannnn’ that someone had tried in India. They did! And it is in fact, good  (although I am no fan of  rum). And pretty cheap. And when you add it to Coke it tastes like Vanilla Coke.

Turns out, Little India is a trove of cheap alcohol that is proudly made in India. And of sexy lighters.

Walking down the streets also made me feel like a tourist, like I was no longer in Singapore. It was kinda disconcerting but oddly thrilling at the same time. I should go back to take more photos. Tata!

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