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Posted in Fashion, Interest by thisisanexperiment on May 12, 2009

Because a picture is worth a thousand words.

And she’s fierce.

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Under-rated Fierceness

Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on February 28, 2009

More items added to the yard sale!

But more on the Under-rated Fierceness that is Tilda Swinton.

Her Wiki Fact File:

The Swinton family is an ancient Anglo-Scots family that can trace its lineage to the ninth century.[5] Swinton attended West Heath Girls’ School (the same class as Diana, Princess of Wales), and also Fettes College for a brief period.

Swinton lives in Nairn, in the Highland area of Scotland, with Scottish painter John Byrne, the father of her twins, Xavier and Honor. She travels with her partner Sandro Kopp, a German/New Zealand painter,[14] while continuing a polyamorous (but platonic) live-in relationship with Byrne. She has been with Kopp since 2004 and the relationship has Byrne’s blessing.[15] In an interview, Swinton commented on her domestic situation:[16]

It’s the way we have been for nearly four years. I’m very fortunate. It takes some extraordinary men to make a situation like that work.

Taken from

An established thespian, this woman is also incredibly muse-worthy- she may not dress pretty, or sex-bomb like, but her red-carpet choices are always Different, Unexpected and Risky. That means, she doesn’t dress like Angelina Jolie on the Red Carpet, i.e, Boring (I know a flowing black gown can hardly go wrong most times, but seriously, Every Single Time?!).

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