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I know you dig gold, wipe on some pole

Posted in Uncategorized by thisisanexperiment on May 28, 2009

1. I couldnt find my 2-toned tights. Frowns. Shall look for it over the weekend.

2. I was walking up a Steep Slope in the park, when I …got butt-cramps! Like serious-need-to-stretch butt cramps. It hurt.

3. Sars Swine Flu is in Singapore! So remember, when you wash your body, wash your hands too! Because you “play your below, take ice from my milo”.

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Wonder Boys and Eminem

Posted in Uncategorized by thisisanexperiment on April 28, 2009

These Thai boys are making me determined to learn the Wonder Girls “Nobody but You” Dance.

In other news, my husband is back. Click here to watch his latest video “We Made You”.

Spot the Cameos by a certain MAD TV artist, Nailin’ Sarah Palin, and the excellent (male) Britney impersonator.