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Fred Perry Pop Up Sale

Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on May 25, 2010

Haven’t been doing much to share about. But here’s something I’m intending to check out soon-ish.

If you get there before I do, let me know if it’s any good!

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Don’t you Love the Weekends?

Posted in Uncategorized by thisisanexperiment on March 6, 2010

Or rather, just free days.

Just enough time for a quick outfit shot and some pictures, before I run.

BY THE WAY, SOON LEE is having a 30% sale on its bags and clothes now, till tomorrow (7th March!)

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In Festive Cheer,

Posted in Fashion, Interest by thisisanexperiment on February 4, 2010

In Festive Cheer, I share with you the following:

I would be buying, but I’m trying to save money.

The Apple Crumble baking was a success! Yummy. I’m never buying Apple Crumble again. It’s alot easier to make than cookies as well, so you can consider it for Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re short on time.

Here’s the recipe we went with (although with some changes in the ratio/quantities):

6 ‘Granny’ Apples (We used a pack of 5-6 Sweet Smelling KOREAN FUJI APPLES).

250g White Sugar

200g Plain White Flour

120g Butter

1 Cinnamon stick

The proportions change depending on how big a pan you want to make.

Step 1: Wash, peel and slice the apples up!

Step 2: Put the apples and about 100g of the sugar into a saucepan, leaving it to simmer over low heat, till the apples are sufficiently soft (& juicy)

Step 3: Pour the apples into your baking pan and leave them to cool

Step 4: Pour your white flour, remaining white sugar, and butter into a mixing bowl.

Step 5: Using your hands, mix all the 3 ingredients together till they acquire a ‘bread crumbly’ texture/look. The mixture should not be too ‘damp’.

Step 6: Layer your mixture over the top of your apples in the pan, make sure they’re crumbly!

Step 7: Put them into the pre-heated oven (about 150 degree celsius) and leave to bake for about 30mins or more, or till the crumble turns brown. Ours didn’t turn brown, but it tasted great!

Our apple crumble was about 2/3 apples, 1/3 crumble.

Bon Appetite!

I learnt another recipe today as well, can’t wait to try it out! It tasted so heavenly, I have to try to recreate it (:

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Sale, calling for Blair

Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on October 10, 2009

This dress is so Blair. Still available in size 4, 6.

At 70% off too!

Click here to see more.

A consequence of watching GG: Everything can now be classified as Blair, Serena, Jenny.

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shoe for sale!

Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on August 31, 2009



Never thought I’d say this, but I’m selling off one of my shoes.

It’s a pair of black flats, cut out oxfords with perforated holes.

Worn once or twice, in good condition with some stains that can be easily wiped off.

UK size 37

$15, exclusive of shipping cost (preferably within Singapore)

Just leave a comment with your name and email!

The reason why I’m selling it?

My feet is too broad.

Remind me not to buy shoes without trying next time.

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Shop Talk, Talk Shop

Posted in Uncategorized by thisisanexperiment on May 31, 2009

taken from mydailystyle

Effortless Style from a Mother. Damn her and her good genes. And great taste.

In any case, Sales News:

CK Eternity Summer is on a special promotional sale of 3 100ml bottles for $160- 1 female fragrance, 2 male fragrances.


That works out to about $50 per bottle.

A pretty good deal if you ask me, and I guess that’s why I fell for it.

Say HELLOOOOOOOO to my new scent (:

Like its name suggests, it smells very much like Summer- if you like Floral scents that’s not nauseatingly overpowering, and just alittle bit musky, this is something you should check out. The 3 for $160 offer’s going on While Stocks Last only!

Meanwhile, dear Friends, I have free samples of CK In2U, Euphoria (men and women), and Eternity Summer (women) to give away. The Sales Lady was pretty generous.


P.S, I’m rediscovering the joys of online shopping again, ESPECIALLY when you can get vintage at affordable rates.

If you’re more a blog-shopper, there’s also paperbagheads!

I’m reading the signs

Posted in Interest by thisisanexperiment on May 19, 2009

Reblogged from littlemiss

So…Does this mean… I should go to HK????

Plane tickets on Promotion at JetStar.

Also, for the ladies, La Senza is having their SALEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I dropped by today but there weren’t any in my size (again). Although their 3 for $30 panties were awfully tempting. But I already bought undies recently.

My self restraint is ridiculous.

Big presenation on Thursday. FULL STEAM AHEAD…in the morning at work.

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rawr rawr

Posted in Interest by thisisanexperiment on April 2, 2009

If you’re interested. Personally, I thought the last one was alot better. I couldn’t even find a single BRA (just a freaking bra that I desperately desired to buy) that was in my size. Poo.

I’m going to watch some Wonder Girls (nobody nobody but chuuuuuuuuu) to cheer myself up.


Does anyone know the lyrics to this???

This is like High School Musical but for people who dont really like High School Musical and the HighSchoolness of it.

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Shoe Post

Posted in Fashion by thisisanexperiment on March 6, 2009

Hot Shoes Spotted around SMU.

Identity of wearer- Miss Mysterious.



Which reminds me!

Pedder Warehouse Sale!

Last Day on the 7th (that’s TOMORROW!)


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This is a Yard Sale!

Posted in Life by thisisanexperiment on February 22, 2009


Please excuse my shoddy pictures. I think I miiiight need a new camera.

Anyway, SALE!!!!



“The Morning After” Threadless Tee, Small (Girls).

Worn Once, in excellent condition.



“I Love You” Tee, XS/Small (Girls)

Brand Spanking New, Excellent condition.



Plain White Tee. Never worn.

In Good Condition.



“Funky Soul James Brown” Tube

Worn once or twice




Low-back white top, worn once.

Good Condition.




Kimono Dress/Top (depending on how comfortable you are)

Worn one or two times.

In excellent condition.




A Black and Pink (that’s two) Dress

Worn a few times.

S$2 each.

(it was the best picture I could muster)



“Once Upon A Time” Notebook (with ribbon).

Lined notebook, brand new.




Disney Book Bind/Mark/Thingy

Brand New







Mini-white boards (with handle to hang on wall)

Giraffe (2 left! )

Cow (1 left!)

Bumblebee (2 left!)

Ladybug (1 left!)

Comes with an attached whiteboard marker&eraser

S$2 per piece

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